Home Projects

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Upholstered Modern Twin Beds

Shoe bench and clothes rack

Space saver for bathroom

Simple Modern Shelf

Arts and crafts center

Accent furniture

Elevated large dog bed


Very simple shelves

Storage chaise lounge

Ladder shelves

Wall mirror decor

How to build dining chairs from scratch

Dining side table

 Dining Table

 Dining Buffet

Hallway side table

Simple spring wreath

Laundry room shelf

How to build swing set with A-frame stand

Stenciled "Welcome" sign

Stenciled curtain

Breakfast area shelf

Patio set

TV Console and Hutch

My Pet Feeder

Console Table

Fringe crossbody bag

Sunburst Mirror

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  1. Great work Liz :)

  2. thanks and thanks for visiting my blog

  3. Better than the original

  4. Absolutely Fantastic! You've inspired me to tackle some things around my own home by myself instead of trying to find the right thing to fit the space. Thank you so much for sharing. You've filled me with positivity and made me realise that I actually could do some things for myself insteadof paying someone else to do it.

    1. Thanks...I'm glad you found my blog inspiring:)

  5. Wow! You have some amazing skills!!

  6. OMG, you have so amazing talent and skills!! I love your inexpensive crafty ideals and I will definitely try to do some of these ideals. Keep blogging and may God keep blessing you!