Thursday, May 24, 2012

Storage chaise lounge

It took me a while to decide which project to build next. I'm glad I did this chaise lounge to replace the overstuffed chair Uma has been using. It is very comfortable and no more crick in my neck from tilting my head to the side to watch tv.
I never had a chaise lounge ever before but I thought this would add not only furniture but also a decor and hidden storage for throws and what not.

I use it to store extra throws, blanket and extra sewing fabrics.
How I build this chaise lounge:

Cut lists:

(2) 26 X 7 X 3/4” back rest side parts, cut as shown below
(16) 22 ½  X 2 X 3/4” back rest horizontal supports and box lower support
(2) 21 ½ X 8 ½ X ½” plywood, box shorter side cover
(4) 57 X 2 ½ X ¾”  box long side support
(6) 5 X 4 X ¾” box vertical long side support
(2) 24 X 3 X ¾” box horizontal short side support
(2) 59 1/4 X 9 3/4 X ½” plywood, box longer side cover
(1) 59 ½ X 21 ½ X ½” plywood, box bottom cover
(2) 57 3/4 X 1 1/2 X  1” seat part long side support (I used red oak)
(4) 21  X 1 1/2 X  1” seat part short support
(1) 57 ¾ X 23 ½  plywood (if using plywood for the seat support cover instead of S-spring or webbing)
(1) any size for arm support
(8) 4 X 3 X 3/4" legs, tapered or (4) store bought legs

Material lists: 

6 yards patterned fabric
2 yards non patterned basic fabric ( for bottom and inside seat box cover)
1 1/2 pcs. 24 X 72 X 3or4 in. good quality foam
glue/spray glue
staple wire
4 box furniture tacks
2 hinges
pocket hole screws
corner braces
mending plates
S-spring or no sag spring or webbing

disclaimer: plans and parts are an estimate and your requirements may vary

Make the curved backrest piece. I wrote the measurement on the wood, click to enlarge if not clear. I freehand drew the curve side but made sure to maintain the 3 " width except for the round part with radius of  2".

Jigsaw cut the board.
 Use the piece and trace to make a pair but make sure to cut this one inside the line.
 Cut the parts needed to make the box frame (from Cut list)
 Make the backrest.
 Start making the storage box frame by building the two longer sides.
 Attach the bottom frame part.
 ..and one side
 Cut and attach plywood pieces to complete the box (almost complete box). Scroll down to the frame dimensions to see the plywood measurements.
plywood is 3/4", 1/2" is okay
 Use this corner bracket(size on the plastic) to reinforce the corners.

 Use mending braces (size also on the plastic) to attach the backrest frame on the box.

Use higher grade plywood if desired
 I painted the box to seal the wood.
Notice I added a middle support.
I'll slowly work on completing the plan but for now here's the frame dimensions.

Make the side/arm rest (can make it longer if desired). For sturdier arm rest, wood glue two 3/4" plywood or buy the thickest plywood.
again, I hand drew this part, can design in anyway you like
 Jigsaw cut it. Paint.
While waiting for the paint to dry, make the legs by gluing two pieces of tapered 4 X 3" red oak(or any hardwood). Then sand, stain and let it dry.
 Start making the storage cover frame (seat part). I used red oak (very strong wood) so I don't need to use a thicker and wider board.
 Use corner brace and glue to attach the corners. Every wood to wood joint should ALWAYS use glue.
if using screws and glue, add piece of wood corner brace to prevent wiggling
 Add the middle part only this time lay the piece down, you'll see why. I suggest adding more for stronger frame.
 I used left over nylon webbing from my dining chairs. I recommend no sag S spring or plywood. If using plywood, use 3 or 4" foam. Chaise is for me so I know using the left over nylon webbing is okay and can hold my weight.
Laying down the middle support gives clearance for the webbing.
can make the webbing tighter/denser for stronger seat
 Measure and cut the foam.
Glue the foam. If I had burlap on hand I would cover the frame first before attaching the foam.
Add the batting using adhesive glue and staple the sides.
 And the fabric, make sure the pattern of fabric are proportionately laid out.
 Add the foam on the backrest and the batting

 Cover the backrest and short front side of the box with fabric keeping in mind the pattern lay out.

Backrest detail.
 Cover the front long side of the box. Keep in mind to match the pattern of the seat and the storage box.
 Attach the hinges. Poke holes on fabric to screw on first so it won't pull the fabric when driving the screws in.
 Lay box on one side and attach the seat part.
 Glue one inch foam and batting then upholster the side part or arm rest. Then upholster the rest of the side and the bottom using non patterned fabric.
 Add optional decorative tacks.
pattern of top and bottom should be carefully aligned and not staggered
 Put a small piece of fabric at the back of the hinge before tightening the screws to hide the hinges
see the hinge?
backrest side detail

back detail
 And finally, attach the clear coated legs then you got your comfortable piece of furniture that will last.
very comfortable lounging chair :) (run out of decorative tacks to go all around the front)
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  1. Wow!!! Just found this through Ana WHite, and this is amazing!! How long did this project take? How much did it cost?

    1. Thanks.This took me two days, one day to build and paint frame and 2nd day for upholstering. For the price,it cost me between $ 100-$ 150(I already have some of the materials). The expensive materials are foam($33 each) and fabric ($9.47 per yard). It might cost you $150 to $180ish depending on material grades.

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  2. Hi this is amazing! I absolutely love it and was wondering if you ever got around to making up plans for it?

    1. Thanks Jessica, I have it but didn't finalized it yet, I've forgotten about it (since I've built couple of projects since) now that you mentioned it, I'll try to finalize and post it as soon as I have the time

    2. Thanks! I just finished reading through all of your blog so far and you have done so much in such a short time. Also I was wondering if you remembered how much fabric you ended up using when making this because I am trying to figure out how much to order?

    3. 6 yards to cover the entire project with just a little fabric left.
      I built more often when it's colder, since I work at my garage it slowed me down this summer :)I'm waiting for it to cool off again.

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  4. excellent tutorial and finished project. you should be quite proud.

  5. How do you attach the arm and feet?

    1. Carriage bolt with smooth head by attaching it first to the armrest before upholstering, don't forget to drill matching holes to the main part. Attach the armrest before covering the back of the backrest. I used dowels to attach legs and then corner braces. you can just go buy legs at home improvement stores that already have screws attach, all you have to do is drill to attach.

  6. Hi Liz, Have previously posted comments for you. Would you mind if I posted a couple of your projects onto my site - with links back to you of course. I need to modify materials and measurements for South African readers and I will also draw up a plan that you can use if you want.

  7. This is amazing! How wide was the fabric you used? You said 6 yards, but how wide?


    1. Thanks!

      well, they sell fabric by "running" yard, the most common width is 45 and 60 inches...I'm pretty sure I bought the 45 inches wide.

  8. Hey this is a great idea! I have a small living space so I need to get the storage where ever I can. One question, is there a reason for framing the plywood box? Is that for support or can I nix that from my version of the plans?

    1. yes, the "framing" is for support, to be able to attach all the parts which you can do a version of yours :-)

  9. This is really, really good. I wanted a chaise with deep storage and could not find one. So I decided to try to design one to make. Looking for ideas and found yours and it's perfect. Great! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Do you have experience upholstering? I find that while I love your tutorial, I don't know how to apply the fabric or how to cut it and don't want to mess up.

  11. I'm the same as Amanda - I think I could follow the directions to build the frame but have never upholstered. Directions for this part of it would be fantastic! Amazing project - thanks so much for posting!

  12. Thank you for all of your hard work, this solves two problems I was facing with my four-season room.

    I will definitely be tackling this project, but before I do, where oh where did you get those white and green curtains. My new house came with window treatments that can be charitably described as "interesting".

    If you even just got the fabric somewhere, I could whip them up with a sewing machine. It's been hard for me to define exactly what I was looking for, but that is it!

    1. made my curtain:

    2. Clearly I haven't seen all of your blog yet. :-/

      Thanks so much for linking to it. I'm super envious of your creativity and am hoping mine turn out just as pretty.

  13. The materials used, as I said, are the same used for any other outdoor furniture: extremely resistant to weather conditions, with a long lifespan and particularly easy to clean. Aluminium, wicker, resistant woods like teak, methacrylate, treated fabric or waterproof eco-leather: all these materials are easy to maintain and inalterable to sun or/and rain effects.


  15. I'm curious as to how you attached the fabric to the back of the backrest without fasteners showing.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi Liz. this is absolutely amazing. I'm in California and i'll like to know where i can learn How to build furniture like that?
    Thank you

  18. Instead of plywood can I use MDF? Will you be posting on how to do the upholstery? Great blog, just found it and already have a few projects in mind.

  19. Hi. Great job. Do you have any plans coming? Also, I see your cut list; but do you have the wood materials needed? I looked over how you built this furniture and can see I can do it also. This really inspired me to do so. I also need a good build so my husband can see it and say "wow, she can do this". I think this is it. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Great Job Liz. I'm re-creating your design which is laid out very well, I do have one question though. In your photo labeled "back detail", how did upholster the middle of the back? I can't visualize how you would attach that fabric to the frame without visible hardware. Thanks.

  21. Good Day Liz

    Could you possibly email the plans for the chaise lounge if you would be obliging to


  23. This is an amazing post. You really did well from start to finish. It really shows your expertise, Thank you. Any ideas about outdoor chaise Lounges?

  24. Liz!!! I just found you via Pinterest and then the Owner Builder Network and then landed here.

    It looks like you haven't posted for almost four years...


  25. Hey Liz: This looks great! I have twin granddaughters that I've been thinking about redoing my spare bedroom for. I think if I made 2 of these (1 right, 1 left facing) in a twin bed size and put them on casters, I could add 3 or 4 slide on u clamps to put them together to make a king size bed for other guests. Additionally, 2 stacking drawers could be added at the base. What was left of the inner chest could serve to store guest pillows, sheets, blankets and towels. Thanks you so much for solving my double dilemma. ☺

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  28. Wow! This lounge looks amazing. It's worth it even though you took a while to decide about this one. Thanks for sharing this one. Keep blogging.

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    It's perfect. I thought I was going to have to carve little holes in my cigar boxes,
    and then I saw your idea of using plastic canvas instead.
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    So, cheap and easy! Thanks!
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