Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ladder shelves

I just can't stop building stuffs for my dining room. Maybe after buying rug, I can say my dining room is finally complete....(maybe :)

I built these shelves as a bookcase and display shelves. My dining room can be dining/reading area.

The first shelf..

The second shelf ..

I made two 5-tier red oak ladder shelf.


I didn't took a lot of photos this time but the process was very easy.

How to make 5-tier ladder shelf

Taper one end of two 1 X 2 X 70" (ripped from 1X5X70 board) by cutting two shorter sides of a triangle 10" and 1 1/2".
 Cut five 20" long rectangles in decreasing sizes(14,12,10,9,7 1/2") for the shelves.
The trick: Use two 5" tall scraps board to support the first shelf (tier) as shown below, use glue and screw to attach to the legs.
 And two 12" scrap boards for the rest of the tiers, working your way to the top.

Final dimensions:

If you want to build using plywood or MDF, here's a very good plan to follow from
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  1. Hello Liz,
    I came across your blog a few days ago and became a fan. You are so talented and all the stuff you've made beautiful.
    My husband and I recently purchased our first house and we are working towards making it our dream home one step at a time.

    I have a suggestion, it would be great if you can do a blog post about the tools you use to make all these things.

    1. Thanks Roti! I will work on your request this weekend. You will be surprised what very basic tools I have :)
      Congrats on your first home.

    2. Thanks Liz,
      The husband has his tool box, drill and other basic tools, but the kreg jig, a saw and power sander are on my list. Looking forward to reading what you use.

    3. I meant "new home" not "first home". Please check my new post.

  2. What kind of wood did you use for this?

  3. What at size screws did you use?

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