Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Dining chairs - finally finished them!

I can't believe I finished all the 8 chairs! I thought I will be buying my dining chairs. I am very happy and proud of myself for finishing every single project that I started for my dining room.

beautiful red oak table detail

See how I finished my chairs:

- Start by putting the webbing as shown.

-Add X webbing.

-Add more horizontally.
made two of this particular chair very strong for the king of the house :)

-Attach 1 inch foam (two inch for the seat)

-Then the batting.

Back view.

- For the seat cover corner, cut the corner as shown.


The clean corner look.

Do the same with the bigger chair.

- For the back cover, cut slits.

-Tuck the middle part in.

Back view.

- Staple.

- Fix the back corner by tucking the side and fold over the middle part to get this look.

detail of the large chair
-Use decorative tacks to attach the lower back of the cover.

 - And the front part for stronger hold.

Put the back cover using hidden metal tacks strip.

-Make the buttons for the large chair as directed on the package of the button maker.

- Mark where to put the buttons.

- Put buttons using nylon thread.

-Use scraps for the back to prevent the thread from going through.

It's that easy and you got your cute buttons!

- Put decorative tacks on the lower side if desired.

Finished side chair.

Finished large dining chair.

fabric detail

All together.

All the furniture on this room were built from trees damaged or felled by tornadoes near where we live
Now what should be my next project? :-) Pin It


  1. Love these!!! How much would you say supplies cost to make them?

    1. For all eight chairs, I remember looking at all my receipts (after Lowe's and Hancock Fabric) totaling around $275 (Wood and finish not included as I already have them).

  2. How much fabric did you need for 8 chairs?

  3. Can you give a step by step guide on how you did the frames

  4. What a beautiful and professional looking job you did on the chairs! Seriously, it would be costly to have these chairs covered other than doing them yourself. BRAVO on such a nicely done project. They look really nice in your room, too. If I can do half as good on the chair I am attempting to do now, I will be happy.

  5. I can find the directions for upholstering the chairs but not for the chairs themselves. Did you build the chairs too and if so, do you have directions? They look great!

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  7. I am not sure how you covered the "back" of the chairback. I see how you did the front back but not the outside portion.

    1. I have slate back dining room chairs and want to reupholster the seat and upholster the slate back chair. how did you do back and from of your chair.

  8. WOW, THAT'S NO FUN! UGH! hope you are feeling better.
    what a sweet family to pack up your ornaments. Funny how when we are sick, we don't' feel like doing anything do we other than getting in our bed.
    Hope you buy an artificial tree next year!
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  9. Stunning! Great, amazing idea!! I was considering replacing our extremely uncomfortable chairs. With your post, I can redo and save them!!! Is there a spacial type of “webbing”? I went out online and found several different kinds. Never used anything like this before.
    Thank you!!!


  10. Loovveee all of these so much!! The idea is ever green :)) also been loving light boxes ATM wish I could get one!!
    Loved this
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