Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More shelving ideas

I built these two very simple shelves for my powder room. Very easy to build but useful for storing/displaying things on any corner of a room.

4-tier simple shelf

very simple hanging shelf above the toilet
 For the 4-tier shelf, I just built two of these..
 ..then started attaching the shelves starting from the lowest shelf. I didn't have to do any pocket hole since I will paint it anyway, I did sunk the screw heads though.
 I used caulk to fill the screw holes and gaps.
Just to add character, I used 1/4 pine lattice moulding for decorative pattern.
 Sand and ready to paint.
Very easy isn't it?

I had a very boring empty powder room that's seldom used.
neutral wall, no fun


blank, empty wall

The pattern that I put on the wall is, I believe called Moroccan trellis.

no more magazine on top of the toilet flush tank :)

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  1. This is amazing!! i adore this!

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  3. congratulation for your work, could you tell me how tall the furniture is?