Monday, May 14, 2012

My basic carpentry tools

This post is a response to reader's request. I am not a professional furniture builder and my tools are the very basic kind that most people have in their garage. Most of my tools are the cheap kind because at that time I only intend to use it for one or two furniture not knowing I will get hooked :) I was told by some pros that Dewalt brand tools are the best tools to have.

Basic Carpentry Tool Lists:

1. Circular Saw
This Ryobi circular saw came with the tool kit that my husband bought for the rip saw to cut the fender of his Cherokee jeep 7 years ago (so old, I just realized!). It was still unused when I first used it :)

Most used tool in all my tools. I'm woodworking on a budget but for folks that are not, table saw is an advanced tool to have. Although if I were to buy new circular saw, I would get the corded one since I don't like having to wait for the battery to charge. Even with two alternating battery, circular saw used up energy so fast (at least mine does) that I have to wait especially when cutting hardwoods. Also, I read somewhere that corded tools last longer than cordless tools.
Yes I did bought one! and this is very powerful but heavy too.
  2. Power Drill

Another most used tool.
-For cordless drills, power is measured in battery voltage. Higher voltage means more torque-spinning strength to overcome resistance.
-Buy a drill based on how you will use it. It doesn't make sense to pay $200 for a tool you'll use only to hang pictures. Nor is it a good idea to pay $50 for a drill only to have the motor burn out after a few days of heavy work. -(from This Old House)-

3. Jigsaw

My favorite tool when it comes to incorporating patterns on my furniture as it allows me to cut curved and circular patterns.

 4. Plane
I use this plane to even surface of two joint members of furniture. I buy most of my lumbers from a hobbyist who mills his own wood and sells some for at least half the price of wood sometimes rough. Planing some of my own lumber saves me even more money.

5. Sander

I like this mouse sander because it allows me to sand small corners and curves of patterns.

6. Miter Box Saw

I use a lot of moulding and build lightweight frames (mirror frame, canvas frames, crafts, etc)  and this less than $10 bucks tool lets me cut edges in different angles.

7. My Other Tools

 Clamps of different sizes. I got pipe clamps that my father-in-law gave that's not on this photo.
And of course, the hammer. Rubber mallet and chisels are also under my must-have list.
 Caulk gun. I use this sometimes to fill up holes on project that will be painted. Wood filler for projects that will be stained.
 Another must-haves for carpentry: level, carpenter's square and tape measure.

Kreg jig used to make pocket holes. This single hole is worth under $20 bucks, can buy the two or three holes.
Nail set  used to drive the head of a nail flush with or below a surface of the wood.

 And of course, your pouch! My pouch don't go to my waist but to a bucket, tools are heavy, you know! :)

I hope I didn't left out any tools.

Maybe when I get my workshop and with the savings from making my own furniture, I will buy better and more advance tools, but for now, these tools will do fine to build couple more sturdy furniture :) Pin It


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for putting up this up, this is so useful and informative especially for someone starting out.

  2. You have all the basics there and they look like good tools. I work fixing up houses and you try to not have to many tools you dont need. I always use buckets too, the belt and bag's can be hard on the back.. Dan in Seattle Painter/Carpenter

    1. thanks, tools good enough to do the work but for sure, I'll be getting better one's in the future. thanks for stopping by, Dan

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  4. i love your site. thank you for making it. i was wondering what you use for a table when cutting since you do not have a table saw. i am starting out and i have pretty much all of the basic tools you listed but i'm curious about how you cut wood without a table saw. thanks and i can't wait to make the chaise storage lounge with my own flair.

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