Friday, May 4, 2012

Dining wall mirror decor

For the empty wall above my dining buffet, I made three small wall mirror.
The mirror made the room seem larger.

After building the chairs, making these mirrors was easy as pie :)

1. I measured and marked where to cut according to the mirror measurement.
 2. Cut, 45 degrees.

 3. Assemble frame using glue and corner brace.
 I made three.
 4. Draw the pattern.
5. Cut using jigsaw.
6. Paint and let dry.

 I bought a whole piece of mirror from Lowe's and asked them to cut it for me.

7. Frame the mirror, using straight moulding to close the back.

8. Using clear epoxy, glue the decorative pattern. Add hangers and hang.
I used the pattern I used on my hallway side table.
Oh and yes, I painted one side of my dining wall :)
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  1. Great post, I wish I had the skill to do something like this, though I'm happy with the frameless wall mirror I found online. Thanks for sharing!

  2. good unique and creative work done!!!!

  3. Your work is very creative, Liz! I appreciate your post. I really like decorating my house with mirrors. I just like looking at mirrors in general haha. I have a lot of vanity mirror at home. They make my house look so spacious!

  4. I've been considering how to add some glam to old bathroom vanity tri-fold mirrors, and this gave me some great food for thought. Thank you! [New follower, I am] =D

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