Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dining chairs (continued)

Finally found the upholstery fabric that I really like at Hancock Fabrics. I also saved a bunch because the fabric was being discontinued so it's on red tag! The eco friendly foams that I got were also on 50% sale and the factory that made it is located in our neighboring county. How cool is that!

So I found the fabric, got the foam and batting but apparently no fabric store or retail store in our area sells the webbing that I need to put at the back of my chairs. We can only order it online and that means 4 days or more of waiting before I can finish up with my dining chairs :(

Anyway, I was still able to finish some work today.

My steps (cont'd):

Clear coat the chair legs and let fully dry.

Trace and cut 1/2 inch plywood for the seat top ( can use jute webbing or S-spring for more comfort). I am using ply wood to add more strength on my chairs.

Make sure all fits, trim if necessary.

Take the seat top and trace on the foam 1/4" to 1/2" bigger.

Cut the foam using bread knife.

Attach the seat top using brad nails or screws and glues ( I only used brad nails, easier for me to pry when time to change the upholstery)

Spray adhesives and wait for it to get tacky ( directions on the bottle)

 Then put the foam ( I used 2"  foam)
foam made of soybeans

Use plywood sheet and clamp to press the foam into the wood. 

After a minute or two, take the plywood sheet off that's used to press and cut batting wider than foam.

 Spray adhesive and staple the batting. It's best to use pneumatic stapler, I used electric stapler and I had to hammer it some.

Cut the fabric.
Covington Bonetti in black with tan background, the black print has velvety texture, so elegant!

If fabric have patterns like mine, make sure to center it or proportionately lay it out before stapling.
 Start stapling in the middle of each side.
 Then working outward while smoothing the surface by rubbing it.

Until my webbing arrives, all that's left for me to do is to cover the seat top with fabric and wait and wait and wait...
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  1. thank you for posting, I'm looking to re do my chairs. I like that you have a lot of photos explaining how you put it together- except for the back, how do you use the tack strip? on the top or on the sides?

    1. on most chairs you'll need tack strip along top and sides. when you get to that point it will be clear to you. then you can staple the bottom to underside of the chair.

  2. Dear Liz, i am very thank you for your posting, i'll try to do my firt upholstry chair, hope you always happy....

  3. Great job. Thinking about converting current DR chairs into Parsons chairs. so half the work is done :-) will definitely be referring to this for ideas!

  4. Hello I want to change my dining chair from cushion seats to wood seats but I'm not to sure on what wood to use. Any suggestion

  5. Good job, Very inspired by it. Keep working. Kids Play NZ