Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At my garden

Some of my plants are still tiny since I have to replant them because of the two-day frost two weeks ago. But the garlic and onion took off so fast like grass!

 The carrots I planted in the winter are ready to harvest.

I was about to pull some but two tiddy bitty baby mocking birds were "relaxing".

One looks like it got stuck on the garden fence but when I got closer, it was just trying to get some bug.

I left and waited for them to leave but they stayed so I went ahead and pulled some carrots trying not to disturb them.

I just need couple carrots anyway.

birdies stayed and watched me pull some carrots, soo cute :)

there is nothing better than fresh vegetables grown in your own backyard :)
 I also managed to put trellis for my tomatoes even it was very hot (90 deg.).

..and for my yard long beans...
somebody forgot to weed eater this corner :)

..also for the clematis.

Some of my plants....

..ready to harvest cabbage
..tiddy bitty blueberry with lots of fruits. I have three of them, probably better to put net over them before those birds come and get them.

...apples are looking good, looks like I might be able to harvest some this year

..snap peas, but why do they look sick?

 ...bitter gourd starts to climb up my arbor

We just need couple good rain and the rest will take off!
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