Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simple Spring Wreath

It's officially spring!

To mark the beginning of spring, I made a very simple wreath for my front door. It's made of cleyera leaves that grows in front our house. I thought of using this leaves because every time my husband prune this shrub, I noticed it takes so long (can be a month) for the leaves to turn brown, perfect for this project.

And here it is,
...simple and from my backyard.

Here's how I made it.

I used :
-twigs I got from my backyard
-electrical wire my husband got from the electrician at their office ( the guy was about to throw it away in the trash, my husband asked it as he knows I could use it for any :).
-pine needles I got from my in-laws backyard. 

 I started by splicing the wires to make a circle.
 Repeated couple of times.
 I did the last couple of wires loosely so I can insert the bush branches.
 Inserted a big twig to hold the nest.
 Sanded couple of plastic eggs so the gesso will stick. Regular paint can be used too.
 Painted the eggs with gesso by dabbing the brush to give an eggshell texture.
 While waiting for the gesso to dry, I inserted the cleyera twigs with leaves onto the wire I made.

 And made a simple nest from the pine needles.
 Using glue gun, I added the nest and eggs.
I put small dots of brown paint on the eggs so it's not so perfectly white...
Darn! that egg looks so real in this photo (I love boiled eggs : )
Nature inspired simple spring wreath.
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