Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hallway side table

My Cutlist
-2 pcs. 55" 1X6 (for the top)
-2 pcs. 50" 1X3 (top shelf side brace)
-2 pcs. 51-1/2" 1X6(for the bottom shelf)
-4 pcs. 27" 1X3 ( for the main legs)
-4 pcs. 5" (hardwood, bottom legs)
-3 pcs. 9-1/2"(side and middle frame top shelf support)
-2 sheets 9-1/2" X 26-1/4" plywood (decorative pattern)
My Steps:

Cut 3/4" X 2-1/2" from the 51-1/2" boards for the legs.
Glued bottom and top shelf together and clamped.

Thanks to these clamps my father-in-law gave, they really helps.
Started assembling by adding the legs to the bottom shelf.
Attached the top shorter side frame braces.
Attached the longer top shelf braces.

Turned the assembled frame (above) upside down and attached it on the top shelf. Added the middle top brace and the legs.
Traced the pattern I designed on two 9-1/2 X 26-1/4 in. plywood sheets (can use softwood) and drilled holes for the starting point for my jigsaw.
 Cut the patterns.

Thanks to this skil jigsaw hubby got me (with the condition that I will read the manual from front to back cover :) I can incorporate more designs on my projects!
Okie dokie! let's start reading...
Finishing steps:

-Filled the nail holes with wood filler
-Added mouldings including the decorative side patterns I made
-Sanded the whole thing

-Stained and clear coated the table.
-Waited to completely dry.
 And ready to use!
The displayed art is the largest cross-stitch I made (from cross-stitching to matting it and framing it) couple of years ago. The color is a little strong though.

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  1. Possible to use MDF? I want a glossy look to this not stained wood grain.