Friday, November 2, 2012

Upholstered Modern Twin Bed (Regular)

Need twin beds? Build it with these easy steps (I built me two :-).

Here are my Parts Lists:


Foam (1 X 24 X 41")
Fabric (for upholstering headboard, 1 1/2 yrd)
Batting (1 1/2 yrd)
2 1/2" screws
1 1/2" screws
8 corner braces
4 flat braces
4 heavy duty corner brace (optional)
button maker
staple wires


Attach dowels (pocket holes and screws can be used instead, if preferred).

 Attach the slat support 3" from the lower edge using glue and screws.
 Glue the spacers 2 1/2" apart.

Paint the parts.
Build the headboard.

 Mark and drill holes for the buttons.
 Attach the foam.
 Cover with batting.
Make buttons.
Upholster headboard and add the buttons.
  Attach the bed frame.

Turn it upside down and attach legs.

Attach the upholstered headboard.

Put the slats. Repaint scratches. Done!

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