Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shoe bench and clothes rack


If you don't have mudroom, this simple shoe bench and clothes rack will do the job.

Here's how I built my shoe bench and clothes rack. I built it small to fit my space, you can build yours bigger.

Building the cloth rack:

-Cut the side part using jigsaw.
-Attach the lower shelf.
-Attach the top shelf.
-Attach back cover.
-Add shelf divider.

-Fill holes,sand and paint. Then attach the hooks and hanger.

Building the shoe bench:

-Attach the sides to the top part using pocket hole screws and glue.

-Then the middle shelf.

-Attach the bottom part.

-Attach the legs ( I used dowels and wood glue)

-Fill holes, sand and paint. Paint the door, attach to the bench and add handle.

 I made the patterned back using furring strips, this is to prevent hanged things scratching the wall paint . It's only attach to the wall (using hangers) and not to the rack or bench.

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