Friday, March 16, 2012

Birds and daffodils

Spring Poem

Spring, Oh Spring
You make me wanna dance and sing
You bring flowers and birds that sings
While they hop and flap their wings

The sky is pretty and blue
With breeze of wind high and low
Mr. Sunshine is smiling too
Thus, time for winter to say "adieu!"

                      -by lazy Liz

Even though, technically speaking it's not spring yet but I feel springy alright!

took this photo from inside my kitchen

waiting for Mrs. bluebird to come out of the birdhouse or on guard?

did it passed both your tastes, birdies?

I guess it did, he went inside! but she's still checking, I swear female are always pickier!

My first daffodil blooms in the south!

lots of YELLOW!

I love spring!
can't stop appreciating the beauty, I have to take photos from all directions haha!
Flowers always make a dull room lively!
The "not-so-secret" secret of making a dull or boring room bright and alive is just a vase of flowers (agree or agree? :-) Pin It

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