Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bird bath and bird feeder

One thing I like about Spring is when I wake up in the morning and hear birds singing. Or just sitting on the patio while watching those birds fuss at each other or gather twigs and grass or pick on my tomatoes and blueberries! Sometimes I also think they teases my dog, Uma. They flies to our lawn and chirps when Uma is out playing at the backyard. Uma will try to go and get them but they'll fly away but not far and chirp again or fly to the fence and stay there while still chirping, that really makes Uma so rile up and whines ha ha!

So anyway, I built three bird houses the other day and my husband said I should also build feeder and we'll buy bird bath. So I did, except we didn't buy bird bath because I want to try something different from the traditional concrete birdbath.

This bird bath is an idea of mine that I don't know if it will work as I haven't seen anything similar.
Here it is!
Its built of 4 wood prongs and 2X2 in the middle, all pressure treated

I built it this way because I want flowering vines to climb up the bird bath. I think it will look nice when the sweet pea I planted get big and have flowers. 

I bought the glass bowl from a goodwill thrift store for $3.00 and the marbles just for decor for $0.50.

took this picture from my breakfast area window

For the bird feeder, nothing unique about it. I build it to look like a gazebo. I put an upside plastic bottle in the center for bird food refilling.
I didn't buy any bird food yet so I put old cereals instead, dunno if birds like it

the top roof is a cap that can be removed to refill  the bird food

maybe too close?
View from my mailbox.
evergreen arborvitae I planted when they were about 2 inches small 2-1/2 years ago are now getting big!
Pictures taken from inside.
I placed them by the window so I can watch the birds while sipping coffee in the morning, sounds good?

 Can't wait for the birds to come eat and take a bath then go to their houses ha ha! Pin It

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