Friday, February 17, 2012

Breakfast area side shelf

After building my outdoor furniture, the temperature gotten so cold so I built this project entirely indoor. I was excited about this project because I've been wanting to have some sort of shelving in our breakfast area.

So here's my latest project. I tried to take picture every step but sometimes I don't want to stop what I'm doing. 

For this project, I used whitewood boards and furring strips.

My shelving will measure 6' X 24" X 12" when finished.

I started by cutting the boards and made dado cuts..

..for the dado joints
..then the side frame                                                                 

                                           and attached the sides

... the top and bottom middle support
adding the side braces for the shelves..

adding X brace for back support                                      Next, the shelves
Somebody is at the background, AGAIN.

Then I proceed to cut pieces for the side x braces and dado cut each mid parts

      Attached and made 8 X's

Staining before assembling the sides
(better to stain ALL the parts before attaching, saves time)
After attaching the side X braces and more finishing coats (2 coats of minwax ebony stain and clear poly) 

 ...the FINISHED result!

I need fancier stuff to display here :-)
Wines are coming! :-)

blue cute kettle from my mother-in-law adds a pop of color

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  1. The Shelf project turned out great --and on another note-- we'd love to display/sell a piece of your art work in our new "Art Nest" Booth #4 at OCT--bring some with you when you come this way!

  2. I'm flattered! I never thought of selling my art work but I will paint more for your booth if you want. Not this time though, I'm not sure which one to bring :-)
    I would love to visit your booth and see these gorgeous vintage displays someday!