Monday, February 13, 2012

Finishing up with my patio set

Finally the sunny and above freezing day that I was waiting to finish up my patio project had come. 

I was able to build my bench. This part of this project was the easiest one to make.

Here I built the frame then put middle and leg supports

Adding the bigger slats and top apron
Then the small slats

Painting the sofa (a bird got it dirty right away!)
and the bench and of course, somebody can't resist to jump in:-)
Now, the only thing left to do is to buy cushions ( or make them myself if I can save it that way) for the sofa and bench. I might decide to build the corner and short sofa part to make sectional probably in the spring.

Tile top still not grouted, too cold for it to work right
..and the grouted top!

Next project, here I come! Pin It


  1. This is a great bench: simple approach and very nice execution and presentation. Great work on your projects and postings, I really find them helpful!

  2. The tiles you used for your tabletop are very nice! And who could resist jumping in on your patio bench? All it’s lacking are cushions and it’s perfect to lounge in on, or have a number of guests to enjoy sitting on it for a nice game night. ^__^

    Gerry Bossier