Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My bird houses

The other day, I noticed two different birds fighting for one of the two bird houses my husband put up in our backyard last year. I think those birds need one more birdhouse.

The crates used for our patio bricks that are just laying around are perfect for this project so I cut pieces that I can use.

Now that I have one more bird house hopefully no more fighting birds in my backyard.

Well, after finishing this white bird house, I got carried away and made another one from twigs and wood barks I gathered all over the place.

top view
the wood bark are glued to a wood so it won't leak when it rains
..And another one..
I made the roof from pine cones I got from GA while visiting.
from the bottom, just like laying shingles


Ooooppsss!....I hope I have enough place to hang all these :-) Pin It

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