Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stenciled "Welcome" sign

I was about to enter my front door when I thought " this door is so flat black!". It's funny because I entered that door countless times without noticing the color! So I thought it would be nice to put welcome sign with aqua blue paint on it. I just don't have the right color but I don't want to wait, or I don't have most of the materials because this idea just came into my head and want to do it right away ( what's the word? impulsive? maybe sometimes, depending on who you ask :-).

I don't have stencil sheet, so I used a white paper conveniently laying around that came from my husband's new shirt. I'm lazy to turn on my computer to print a "welcome" word so I freehand it (that later I regret hah!)
 That paper is so boogered up!.. I really could have found better cardboard if I had put a little effort.
To prop up, I used a pizza box that I had yet to throw away from last night's dinner (haha!, this is crazy!)
Sturdy enough, I think

 That doggone 'm' is too close to 'o' and 'e', I really should've printed it
I don't know how welcoming this entrance door even with "welcome" sign on it with that bright bright red "beware of dog!" that my 'oh-so-friendly-husband' put :-))

Welcome to our home!

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