Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Pet Feeder

While waiting for my TV console and hutch to dry for several days, I am already thinking on what to build next (yep, I'm getting addicted). Well, I have this small boards left from this project, so since it's been raining out, I brought some of my tools inside to make something out of this.

I have this messy eater dog (weimaraner) who slobbers all over my floor, moulding and worst thing...she bangs the wall with her aluminum bowl while she keeps trying to lick every single bits of her food there is! So, with that story to tell, I designed her a pet feeder(inspired from the annawhite site) that will stop the banging and the messy wall.

I trace two similar circles for her food and water.
Then I started cutting the hole with hole saw(since I don't have dremel tool or that kind) and finish it with reciprocating saw. Well, I started to bore the whole thing with it but I realize I could use reciprocating saw.

Since its freehand sawing, the round holes are not perfect (I'm sure my dog won't complain :-).

With little carving of her name, adding decorative moulding and painting.. no more messy, loud banging wall everytime she eats.

And I mean "she" is this couch potato dog! yeah, the "once mine" chair(bought two years ago) is now hers and now looks ugly. Hhhmmm... that gives me idea, maybe I will build her her own couch ;-) and reclaim this chair.

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