Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Sunburst Mirror Follow-up

The other day, I posted about this mirror that I really like but not for the price.

So I got these bamboo sticks lying around our garage ( I used some of it for my garden poles but there's a lot left).

Finding this round thing for the back support for my mirror was a bit of struggle. I went to all my local craft stores (Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, Jo-ann's and Hancock) and they all don't have it or not in stock. So I thought maybe Lowe's have them but they don't. I was about to just give up and buy a piece of plywood and cut the round size I need from it but that would be a lot and lot of work as I don't have the right tool for it.

As I was heading to the check out counter, I noticed they have these big spool for the rope they sell and some are empty. I ask a representative if they throw this things away when empty and yes they do. Yeheeyyy and I got it for FREE!!

 After the cutting, sanding, staining and drying and staining again, and a little headache from smelling the stain...

.....and VOILA!

I just have to find a store that sales rattan so I can accent it around the mirror. But for now this will do.

Mirror online cost $414.00, this project only cost me $5.00 for the 12" mirror, $2.00 for the glue stick and $4.00 for the stain, a total of $11.00. Pin It

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