Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prepping my garden for Spring

Last spring I've bought most of my baby plants  from a local nursery. But usually, one baby plant is twice as much as one packet of seeds. And not all of my transplants made it last time, so this time, I am starting all my vegetables and flowers from seeds. I already sow the seeds indoors to get started on my gardening. Hopefully when the danger of frost in our place (zone 7) be over that they'll be ready for transplanting.
 Some of the seeds haven't sprouted yet.
Regularly brought them outside for sun when it's not too windy
I also want to take advantage of these warm days that comes and goes so I've given my garden a little manicure. I've added a simple entrance arbor for my bitter gourd, gate and white fence for appearance using pressure treated 1X2's.

I've added more beds and disturbed the older garden dirts.
 We bought some top soil to amend the older dirt.
Can't wait to start planting! Pin It

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