Friday, February 24, 2012

Swing with A frame stand

Spring is almost here and I want a swing. I just can't hang it on my porch, not enough clearance. I've originally planned for arbor and swing so I can plant flowering vines by it. Well, digging and mixing and pouring concrete mix is something I don't think I want to try this time. So, I opted for A frame stand that doesn't involve the above. It is freestanding so it can also be moved anytime and anywhere in the yard. I will attach lattice so I can still have my flowering vines.

Building the A Frame
4X4 pressure treated wood
Groove for the beam
additional beam support, (get that good 'ole chisel and hammer ready :-)
nail to hold it in place then use screw and lag bolt
add lower brace support
then the upper brace (I made groove for both braces)
...and the A frame

paint and let dry

 Building the swing
make the side frame
front and back frame
attach two 2 X 4 under the seat, longer on both ends for the eye bolt
attach the armrests, back support and more slats
ready for painting!
  I can't wait for it to dry completely so hubby can help me put them together. Pin It


  1. This looks lovely! You guys did a great job. I'm hoping to do this myself. Thanks so much for sharing this. Congrats on a great swing.

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