Thursday, February 2, 2012

Patio Set project-Table

Now that we have patio, I thought it deserves nice furniture set, and of course, for us to be able to enjoy it especially when Spring comes.

Today was sunny and a perfect day to start this project.
So.... I ordered my husband to go pick my lumber at Lowe's after his work (I have beep beep car) and got me these...


I am starting with the tiled top dining table first. It will measure 42" X 96", sets 8 to 10 people (whoa! never had that many people in our house). Table will stay out the whole time and we thought tiled top will look nicer than plain wood. Well, tiles are very very heavy so I am using 4"X4" legs. All my woods are pressure treated to withstand the weather and resist insect damage.

I don't have a lot of woodworking tools, so in this project, I just used whatever tools I got.

OK, below is my step by step process.

How to Build Outdoor Tiled Top Dining Table (using wood as frame)

I started by cutting the 4"X4" into 30" long, 4 pcs. for the legs (they can't cut it at Lowe's :-( too thick, they said)

Then, I cut 1-1/2" depth and 3-1/2" length chunk (L shape) from one end on two sides of each leg for my 2"X4" frame to lay onto (I think this type of joinery is called dado joint)

I dulled the sharp edges of the legs with chisel-file (plane would be nice).

Laying the leg in the right position, I attached the top frame using nail glue and 2-1/2" decking screws.

This made it easier to work because it can stand up without support as shown (as long as it's not windy)

In this way, I was able to attach the other two sides.

 Using folding chair and short boards to support one end, I was able to attach the other end of each top middle frame supports.
 Finishing the lower and top support. I also attached two strips of 2"X2" PT apron.

I sealed the 3/4" pressure treated plywood cut at 93"X39" using latex premium outdoor paint to further prevent warpage and what not.

Then moved to the frame (oh! and somebody photobombed me with her rear end!)

To be continued.......

(probably in three days, since we are expecting couple days of rain, UGH! we're at 4 " above normal already.

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