Saturday, January 14, 2012

TV Stand project

I mentioned on my earlier post (Bubbling Stream) about taking our TV down from the fireplace mantle. So, we need stand to place the tv. We've been planning on putting built-in bookshelves professionally and called for someone to come measure and estimate it. It would cost us $2,000.00 according to the guy. With TV stand added to the bookshelves would probably cost us additional $1,000.00. Not really sure if I want to spend that money for something we can't take with us when we move. My husband probably would if he has the money on hand....but nah, not me, even I have the money! (you see, I'm that greedy or probably better call it ...FRUGAL..or both :).

I went online hoping to find a stand cheaper than $3,000. The thing was, I can't find one I really like, another thing, they are all made of either composite, particle board or the glued plywood. 

I want solid wood so I told my husband that it might be more fun to design and build our TV stand, he freaks out ha ha.... But honestly though, I myself was not really sure if I can pull this grand project off. 

So to start, I read some books and went online (and found this very helpful website, 

With these new information, I designed my own media center based on the space and style of our inside house.  With this simple design and list of materials, off to Lowes we went!

This is where I'm at so far.
Vertical divider was intentionally left open in the middle for better air circulation if we decides to put electronics in there

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